Thursday, May 07, 2009

I'm Back!

After almost 2 months of being burnt out and very inactive on the bead front, much as described here: Robert Genn: Post-Show Blues I am back! and ready to melt some glass.

On the Webglas group, in April the challenge was to make hollows, and I have indeed made a few of those. I have only attempted hollows once before, and it didn't go too well, but ... it is a fun technique after all :)

My shaping of the hollows is not like the ones I am used to seeing (round or donutty), mine have a bit of a bicone shape going on, but I will work on that. There are amusing posibillities in the bicones, so I will have to explore that as well.

I am quite happy to be able to make such large beads, and I look forward to being able to decorate them at some point when I get more control of the process. My only decoration so far has been silverfuming which is a look I really love, both when I make it web and when I keep the lovely brown colour.

I should probably post a pic or two, but really they aren't that special. Well, they are 'special' all right, but I think I will wait untill I have something worth posting. You loose a good deal of your skill when not using them for an extended periode of time, and I can feel that. I'll be back in no time though, as soon as I get a few hours of torch time under my wings again :)


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