Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Profusion Art Glass V2 Uploaded

I have just uploaded a new and improved version of my website.

I decided that having Danish and English words together didn't work for me, so I have split them up and made two seperate, but very similar sections.
I have even build my own shop in the Danish section (keeping my Etsy shop in the English section), using paypal buttons. I have never used these before, so please let me know if you find that something is wrong with them.

And now, off to the site: Profusion Art Glass


PS: I have also launched a new blog. It will be used for announcing news, changes and updates, and anything else pertaining to the site. For each announcement there will be 2 posts, one in English and one in Danish.
It is not much of a visual treat so far, as I have tried to make it as much a part of the site as possible. Pictures will come though, as I soon as I upload new pictures to the site.

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