Sunday, June 01, 2008

End of May!

Well, that was May.
It sure blew by fast for such a slow beadmaking month. I did get new glass though, and I am very excited about the silver glasses I ordered. I can see why people love them. The browns with Ivory looks possitively yummy, and the crackle reaction is great. I have made some dotted beads to test how they work and I am very pleased. I love these earthen tones and I am sure I will be making a lot of beads in these colours.
I have also finally tried the good old and very simple technique of closely placed dots with a twist in between. My stringers have always been as thin as a hair, but I have made an effort to make some 'fat' ones of about 1mm's thickness to use as a twisting tool. I have admired many beautiful beads with raised swirls, and now I am practicing the very thing myself. It's a lovely thing :)
Another new thing for me is that I made a reduction. I made a twistie (which is also a new thing) of hades and silver cinnamon and melted it in around a base bead. I turned down the oxygen and up the propane and it turned the silver cinnamon parts completely shiny with silverdeposits. I am not much into shiny, but this was fun and I will try to see if i can make it happen again.
And here they all are :)



Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Fascinating. I have no idea how this is done, but the results are very impressive.

Profusion said...

Thank you :)
It's really not terribly complicated, these are simple techniques, but with only 3 colours (4 actually, but 2 are black) it ties together nicely.
I am sorry the allergies are getting to you. I usually get the sniffles from birch pollen, but not this year, so far :)

High Desert Diva said...

Cool. I've never seen beads being made. Messing with the oxygen and propane levels was an interesting technique. The beads are lovely

Profusion said...

Thanks :)
Oh the pro's do it all the time, if that is the look they are after. But this is my first :)
You can do it with some turquoise glasses too, it brings out the copper in the glass and turns it all red! It's freaky, it's a science :)

Anonymous said...

How pretty! I love the colors:)

Unknown said...

very pretty! I love the swirlies!

Kim said...

absolutely stunning.
I am always in awe of this!

Unknown said...

those are awesome! nice job!

Profusion said...

Thank you Ladies :)

angelinabeadalina said...

Your swirls are beautifully done! I never had the patience to try it when I was first starting, then I got distracted by other stringer work and sculpting. I do love to look at the quilted texture this makes!

Profusion said...

Thanks Angela :)
It's never too late to take up dots you know, but of course that is not what you do.
Well I like doing dots, it is very calming (except when I slip and misplace a one ;) I need to practice swirls a bit more though, the ones I did last night were sliding off in all directions. I might have heated too large an area ... PPP! :)

Sue J said...

How beautiful! They are great.

Profusion said...

Thanks Sue :)
I am very pleased with the colours and new effects.

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