Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Glass!

I never thought I were a shopaholic, but now I am beginning to think I could be one.
I don't shop for clothes or shoes, or decorative items for my home though, like females normally might do, but getting a delivery of new glassrods in the morning makes me delirious all day! Ooh the joy! I feel giddy to the point of getting comments.
I didn't have time to open the box that came this morning, it arrived just as we were leaving, so I have been ... distracted all day, and just waiting for the moment that I can turn off this PC and go home to fondle and sort my new treasures :)

And speaking of treasures - I mentioned Vickie Hallmark in my last post. For a week now I have been wearing this beauty:

Thank you Vickie, for trading with me, and for the use of your picture

I love her pods. The shape is so delicious, and the colours are wonderfull. It is nice and heavy in a way that makes me think of precious metals and stones :)
Vickie uses ribbons for her pods, and I definately need to think of something pretty too. I just threaded it onto a meter of sterling chain from my supplybox, because I had to wear it immediately when it arrived :) I suppose it could be okay if I oxidized it, but right now it is too shiny.

Well, only ½ an hour now, till I get to go home. Yay!



Vickie Hallmark said...

Oh, I wish I'd gotten the bail and ribbon figured out before I sent it off to you! Just shows how fast things change. ;-))

belvedere beads said...

as soon as i read your words about the joy of new glass i started day dreaming about ordering more glass... some new double helix, or some more dark silver plum, maybe just another quarter pound of straw yellow... it's so addictive. what are your favorites?

Profusion said...

That is sweet of you Vickie, but I really need to learn to fix up beads myself. I'll never be a successfull beadmaker if I can't turn them into something instantly usefull. I think ... :)

Profusion said...

Belvedere, I haven't tried any DH glasses yet, nor the straw yellow. I used to only have Moretti/Effetre colours, because that is what I can get around here, but now I have ordered online and I have wonderful Vetrofond Odds, CIMs, ASKs and Lauscha. Some of my favourites are Vetrofonds Jupiter, Lauscha tri-colours and of course the basic and very classic looking Effetre Ivory! My new favourites (since last night) are the silver colours of ASK on Ivory. I love the reactions! I'm going to have to toast some more of those tonight :)

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