Monday, September 22, 2014


This saturday I went to the 2'nd Annual Get-together of the Danish pin collectors.
It sounds very fancy, but in reallity it is simply Marianne being nice and inviting us over for an afternoon of chatting, buying/selling/trading and having a good time - and some cake, yum! :)

We will each bring the pins we want to sell, and the ones we want to show off, like these cushions from the large collection of Søren.

A small part of Mariannes figure collection, with a star pattern of rounds in the background.

Cartoon and fairytale characters
I don't know who owns the next two cushions, but they are fine examples of how to display your pins.

The old fashioned way - make a pattern of rounds and an outline of figure pins

I love bell jars :)
Finally a close up of Sørens supremely solid and very heavy cushion from the first picture again. The pins cover the front and sides completely and at least half of the back too. It's basically a very fancy brick. Sweet!

My own collection is very small as I only began collecting last year, and I am not all that serious about tracking them down. You don't find pins just anywhere. But of course I brought pins to sell. Last year I had made bee pins for the day, and this year I brought my new mermaids and also horses in black.

Two more pictures of my own handmade pins can be seen at my brand spanking new instagram account. I have a feeling I am going to like that app :)

And finally - a picture of pins by the incredibly talented Susanne of dugperlasnipsenå Her pins are insanely detailed, and so small it boggles the mind. She even makes miniature pins, exstra tiny ones. Enjoy (and visit her site for fine pictures of very fine pins) ...

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