Monday, July 07, 2014

How to turn a large desk into a workshop table

Earlier this year I were lucky and got a desk for free through Freecycle Copenhagen. The table I had was very shaky, which is both annoying and not very usefull, and I thought this model would be much more stable with the large 'feet'.

The desk was quite enormous, so I thought I'd remodel it to better fit my needs, which was a stable jewellers bench. As you see it already has a curve, and it was even in the right side for where I wanted to place it.

So - first we cut off the excess depth

and the excess width.

The legs were secured to a metal frame under the plate. Since so much was cut off there were no room for all 3 legs and the large frame around them, so two would have to do.

The table included an extra pull-out plate, so we split the frame, cut away about 20cm, and inserted the smaller pull-out profiles to make it a whole again.

then assembled the frame ...

And put the plate on.
To keep things from rolling off the edges we cut the surplus plate and had enough for a barrier all the way round.

and Tadaa, there it is. Such a major improvement. All I need now is a bit of silicone to seal the cracks, and I'm ready to move in :)
Hurray, metal work , here I come!

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