Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Glasperletræf 2014 - Danish Glassbead Society yearly meet-up, Part l, the Demos

What a great weekend, as always, when we have our annual lampwork meet-up.

I have taken so many pictures so I will split them up in a couple of posts. This first part is for the saturday demos. Do click the pictures for a better view.

Saturday is for members only, and wall to wall demos. A very interesting and fun day.

First up was the lovely Martina Schlemminger, who demoed first a cute spotted duck, then a little Swabish pig (not pictured here).

Martina Schlemminger
Manuela Hagn demoed a sweet old style teddybear. It was brown and without murini, but shaped like this lighter one from her booth.

Manuela Hagn
Then Frank Miguletz stepped in to show us a wigwag

Frank Miguletz
and Christiane Strauss set a ruby zirkonia into a ringtopper

Christiane Strauss

By then we were all very hungry and it was time for lunch.

After lunch Dorry Tierry Niclou showed her technique for hollow ringtops with things inside. Only very small things can go in as they have to pass through the nut in the bottom. She made two, one smooth and one with an impression of an ammonite on the top. Fascinating ...

Dorry Tierry Niclou
Frank Miguletz showed how to make his smiley beads

Frank Miguletz
and then it was time for the annual general assembly of the beadsociety. We went to have dinner at Øster Højst Kro afterwards.

When we returned Jens Kondrup made a nectar cup for butterflies, shaped like a flower, and a tiny goblet.

Jens Christian Kondrup
Tina Moslund showed us how to do enamels with a torch, and gave many tips for ending necklaces securely and putting locks on them. Very usefull information :)

Tina Moslund
By then I was very tired and took off for my B&B while others continued hanging out.
Saturday is always a very long, intensely informative and interesting day. I love it!

On sunday there were demos too, but alas I missed two since I spent the day tending my booth, mingling and doing some shopping :)

The two I missed were Jens Kondrup making his large hollow kaos beads, and Britta Christoffersen showing how to make a tiny beermug.

I did get to see Connie Sørensen making an ancient zigzag pattern

and Jane Bundgaard give tips on how to make buttons.

Oh, there are so many possibilities and not enough time to try it all :)

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