Monday, May 06, 2013

Foldforming - I love it!

My first attempts with a more suitable hammer :)

You wouldn't believe it, but this is the start of a beautiful organically shaped leaf. The shape to the right is folded on the straight side, and then cut out of a 0,5mm copper plate.

The cresent to the left had the same shape before I took my hammer to it and gave it a good whacking. From the center and out to both ends, taking care not to hit the folded edge too much, just the open side of it.

Height of straight fold - 4,5cm

After hammering on both sides (to get the texture on both sides) I took it to my kitchen and heatet it on my gass stove to a dull red glow, then into the sink in a bath of cold water to cool it quickly.
Then the magic of unfolding begins ...

Oh yes ...!


Smaller version, 3cm. I consider giving it a twist
And am I ever pleased. I love organic shapes, I love leaves, I even love the colour of copper!
These are straight from the flame (or the sink actually), and while I love the burnt autumn colours I would like to try a polished version some time. And a silver version ... Oh yum!
~ o 0 o ~
Oh, a slight problem - my lovely little anvil is now full of marks from the half of the hammer not hitting the copper (cause it's a tiny little bit of metal to work on). I rather thought anvils were too hard to get marks from hammers so I'm a little down by that.
Does this mean I should get a slimmer hammer? One that does not protrude beyond the edge of the copper. Is that what you all use out there in foldforming-land, tiny little hammers that are 1cm or less wide?


Kathe Lewis said...

Lene du skal have en bedre ambolt, en med hærdet bane. Evt. kan du købe et hærdet flakjern. Små ambolte er normalt ikke hærdede, det skal man lede specielt efter, eller have dem lavet!
Hilsen Kathe

Lene said...

Tak Kathe, og tak for info.
Så man kan kun bruge små armbolte med nylon hammre? Eller måske bare mere flade modeller ... I al fald trist synes jeg, at den nu har fin tekstur.Uh, hvor skal jeg have meget nyt værktøj :)
Kh Lene

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