Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hillerød Kunstdage 2012, Saturday

The second day of the show has ended, and today I will show you a couple of favorites of mine, from the participating Amio shops.

This fabulous necklace and the beautiful trees are from Smykkeunivers.
I should have made closeups, that necklace is soo delicious. It is made from thousands of tiny seed beads and other little beads, it is firm and has a lovely weight, which is something I apreciate as quality in such a piece.

She also makes seed bead rope necklaces, beaded beads and also less involved pieces, all with good materials and beautiful elegant aesthetics.

Brightly colourful and large feather earrings from Tjekija Design.
They might be a bit much for me to actually wear, but I love them!

She also makes bracelets in reindeer skin with braided patterns of metal, leather and beads on them. Now this I can wear easily, so I brought this one home with me :) Check out her more blingy and colourful versions too.

And finally, little glass houses from Meng Design (sorry, I can't find her shoplink). Check out the millefiori for garden flowers. I am sure others have thought of it too, but I rarely look closely into fusing, so this is a first to me. Brilliant :)

It was a good day, and I look forward to tomorrow :)


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