Monday, January 09, 2012

Where, oh where ...

Where did I put that box with my torch?
And that other one with my tools?

In here?

In here?

Out here maybe?

Everything has been moved at least a couple of times, so nothing is where it was last time I saw it.

There is still a way to go for the basement of my dreams, but it is definately coming along nicely. I did find my boxes in the end. Now I just need my lamp, since no lamps are installed in the entire basement so far.

I have set up my torch and tools temporarily. I really need to get some torchtime in, and soon. My first show this year is in only six weeks (oh wow, six weeks?), and with the renovation as you see, I haven't made any glass for over a month.

After the show I can focus on renovating my workshop. I have a couple of new ideas for making it a wonderful place, but first the walls and ceiling must be covered and painted, and everything must be cleaned of the dust that is still everywhere.

I hope to have actual beads to show off for my next post :)


one-eared pig said...

good luck!

Profusion said...

Thank you Melissa :)
Have fun with your torch, and your new chair! I'll be getting a new chair too, when I finish the renovation. I know which one I want, it's like sitting in a hug :)

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