Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Greetings to a New Year :)

I love getting to stay home for a days on end, and this christmas I got 12 days in a row (the rest of the family got 16) Yay! We love sleeping in, and so our days will slowly start and end later and later. This makes starting up again very hard on all of us, especially in the winter with all it's darkness, but we just have to get to it I guess.

This is what I made from the nifty purple bead 2 posts back. I really like it and wear it everyday, even when it clashes with my blouses :)

I'm in a bit of a purple periode these days, it's all because if the frit. I have been making all kind of shapes using the same colours and I love all of them. I definately need more fabulous frits in other colours.
Here is one I have cored, fairly large, not a bracelet size (I've made those too :).

And here some tests on other basecolours.
Yep, I definately will get more frits :)

Happy New Year!


Contrariwise said...

I really like how you set the purple pendant. What could have been simple, has been given some pizazz because of the silver twirls on the bottom, resembling an upside down heart.

Profusion said...

Thanks :)
I'm not much into hearts, but spirals? - I love them. And since you are the queen of spirals I have been lurking forever at your blog. Since way before Mooshu even.
The pendant is still very simple, but I don't have the equipment for anything else right now. Can you solder silver with a soldering iron, or with a torch only?
Thank you for commenting :)

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