Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I made the Nifty!

Yes, I made a lovely fine bead. This is it, and it includes frit which is something you have rarely seen from me. But - I think I may need to get me some more, I like it!
This is zimmerman, dark rose (I think), which seems much more colourfull when not encased. Strange, I'll have to explore that. I'll also have to make a new bead, one that includes a bit of olivegreen with all the purple. I bet it would be delicious :)

Do let me know of any frits I need to try. I like strong, but muted colours. Think 'autumn'.



Dede said...

SO IMPRESSIVE! I took a bead making class where I made glass beads just like this, and it is SO HARD.
Needless to say, mine turned out like crap.
But this bead is amazing! along with all the others on your blog!
Keep it up :D

Profusion said...

Thank you Dede :)
I love making beads, it's the best thing I have ever done for myself, getting the equipment and firering up at home. Did you continue to lampwork after the class?

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