Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Beads - fresh from the kiln!

Ooh how I love having a kiln! :)
It is a very luxurious feeling to be able to work with the beads I made yesterday, today! as opposed to the 'in 2-3 months' that I am used to.
I also love being unafraid of going larger, although I now have thoughts of how much more glass is potentially wasted in an ugly/wonky bead. Yes, I have a block against wasting. I need to give myself permission to not be perfect, to not making a masterpiece every single time I torch. I'll be working on it ...

Here are my new beads. The smaller one is an example of the size I am used to making.

These 2 are my favourites

Here are my first 2 test sculptures, with a pendant of my usual size beside them.

They are big! for me anyway, but I aim to double this size before long. Sculpting is fun!

and all those are annealed! Yay!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new kiln, it looks like a nice one. I worked without a kiln for about 6 months, what a pain!

Nice job on the sculptural figures too!

Hanne said...

hvor er de fine :-) også i virkeligheden.

Sue J said...

Just popped in to say Hi. You're having lots of fun with your new toy :)) Great beads and bodies!

Profusion said...

Thank you Teresa,
Well, I've never had my own kiln before, so I am up to 2,5 years without :) but I can already tell I will never want to go back to being kilnless. It is such an experience, being able to work with or sell off beads the very next day after making them.
It's a completely new life :)

Profusion said...

Tak søde Hanne :)
Jeg må se at få de næste blogget også, yay!

Profusion said...

Hi Sue!
Thank you, I am indeed having lots of fun :)
I trust you were not blown over by the orange sandstorm the other day? It was in our news, but of course, you are in the other end of the country.
Hugs to you!

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