Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A week later ...

Well, my head never exploded or imploded, and I never did get to my list of blogs from the OWOH that I had enjoyed. Instead I got attacked by a nasty cold and haven't been doing much of anything at all, except working a little bit on my website. I'll have to be completely done before I can upload it though, as it involves a new structure.

So back to the OWOH. I found that I have little interest in collages of any kind, which seems to be a domminant artform. I were pleased to find a couple of soapmakers (as I am in the market for a shampoobar) and several quite amazing dollmakers.
These are a some I have come across, which make me want to make dolls myself, but I guess I already had that bug :)

Check out:
Linda Smith Originals for how-to's of beautiful fairies
Melissa Valeriote for holiday themed dolls
Sprite for fairies, goblins and dragon eggs
Mealy Monster for creepy-cute polymerclay creatures
Woodedwood for strange caricatures of humans
Rosanna Pereyra for beautiful faries and other people
Loopyboopy who I knew from etsy already.

I have still not been through all participants, so if I have missed you and you are wonderfull, I am sorry. Next year I will do better, because this was fun!



angelinabeadalina said...

Hope you are feeling better very soon! Wow, no wonder you didn't get through your whole list. I just clicked on your first link and got drawn into the fairy world! What a lot of work goes into those fairies that Linda makes!

Profusion said...

I hope so too. I have a roadtrip to do in saturday :)
Yes, she is quite fabulous isn't she? And lots of links to follow further too.

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