Monday, January 19, 2009

I am fuming!

Yes I am, and it is so much fun!
I know this month was for practicing dots, but in december I got Andrea Guarino-Slemmons's mothbead tutorial (available here), and really I have been itching to try it. Finally I asked my danish glass group webglas if somebody could spare me a bit of boro, and last monday I recieved 2 bits from a kind soul.

I must apologize for the picture, but check out that webbing! Ooh lala!
I love the mothwing beads, I really do (and have I told you that I have once held an actual mothwing bead, made by AG-S herself?), but the web'ing is what I am really after :)
The tut said that the ivory would turn grey, but as you can see mine didn't. I got a wonderful dark leathery brown that is just yummy! I think if I fume a bit more the grey will come, but I really like this colour. I shall try to make a webbed goddess, though I don't know if I can. The web'ed beads I managed got so hot they almost got away from me. I could fume dots though :)

I probably should not link to the master right next to my own first attempts, but go have a look at her beads anyway. They are too delicious :)

Thank you so much to Bente Clausen for making this possible by sending me boro-rods, and to Fru Babsan who offered, but didn't have any on hand quite yet :)



Anonymous said... is a great tutorial and I love that fuming effect.

Hanne said...

mægtig fint! det må du gøre dig noget mere i.

angelinabeadalina said...

Gorgeous glass!

Profusion said...

Thank you Sassy,
Yes it is a great tut, I am ver happy that I decided to get it :)

Hanne, Tak, ja det vil jeg bestemt :)

Angelina, Thank you. You should try it too perhaps? Your ladies would look fantastic in either brown or webbed :)

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