Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ahem ...

I might have been a tad overenthusiastic about my new ventilations system.
Yesterday after a few hours at the torch I thought my lungs weren't feeling as perfect as I would like them to, and I had BF come down and smoke on the contraption.
It does infact have a bit of sucktion, but only within the vent hood. Everything that escapes around the hood is free to do it's damage. I do have the hood as close to the flame as I can, it is plastic after all, and I do expect the heat to bear the fumes up and into it, but apparently it is not good enough.
I could feel my lungs misbehaving a few weeks back too, but I thought it was an overdose of the pollen that was around at the time. Now I don't know ...
I think sitting in the basement is not the best idea, but it is the only place we have right now. I will be spending a lot of time down there over the next 3 months, so I need to have this fixed fast.

Tonight I will not be torching. The last two nights have been bad torching sessions with lots of cracked beads and weird reactions and colourcombos. I think I have been too tired and need a bit of rest. There is always tomorrow, and I have a lot of planning to do still that I can think of tonight.


Hooray! I just got an extractor hood* from off the Copenhagen freecycle group. How perfect is that :)


*Extractor hood, had to look it up in the dictionary. Never heard it before. One of those hoods that lead the steam outside when you cook. What do you call them?


angelinabeadalina said...

Glad you noticed the problem before you'd been torching too much longer. That's great that you found the hood on freecycle. Take care of yourself. Unhappy glass sometimes comes from torching even when you're tired just because you have an approaching deadline. Go ahead, and get some rest...the next time you torch, things will go better :)

Profusion said...

Well I did dive straight into the silverglasses, so I couldn't not notice :) I did rest (a bit) and today I will too I think. I am not sure if I have poisoned myself, or met with a bit of a flu virus, but I am not feeling all well today. My deadline is far away, so I am not too worried about it (I will convince myself of this).
I have picked up the hood from the girl this morning. It looks just like the one in our kitchen only not so wide, and I know that one has a lot of power. It will be great :)

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