Thursday, June 26, 2008

A first step ...

So, for the big upcoming event, I have broken out my fattest mandrels. They are nothing spectacular at 1/8", but they are bigger than what I normally use, and for some reason I can make beads that are bigger than normal too which is very nice.
These beads will fit perfectly on the rubbercords I am planning, with nifty sliding locks for easy change of bead. I do hope people will not object to rubber, because the leather cords I bought and got very excited about last year turned out to leave a fairly pronounced shade of colour on ones neck and any clothing it might rub up against. Very sad, but now I have found a supplier of the nifty locks, and that is all I need :)

I am also working on a detailed plan of all the things I need to make/get/consider/think of or buy, which should be the backbone of this adventure if I do it right. There are soooo many details, and I get lost easily.

I have begun working on beads, and have been making a new shape that I like a lot. I sure hope other people will like it too, cause I will be making a bunch of them. They seem to hold up to my no-kiln situation nicely, even at a substantial size. They look quite a bit like these shapes, only shorter, fatter and in one colour only.

(Thanks for use of your pic Sue)

As for the kiln, I have (almost) decided to use my funds for supplies for now, and wait until next year to get a kiln. It's a very long time though, and it really would come in handy at this time, so I could be making beads up until the very last day before the show. I do need supplies though ... It's a bonafide dilemma, see?

Oh I almost forgot - it has been such a long time since I have gotten any bead books, so I had ordered 2 last week. One is Masters: Glass Beads and the other is 1000 Glass Beads. I didn't realize the books were from the same publisher and contains a number of the same or similar pictures. They are still delicious though, and I am so happy to have them right now as you can't avoid being inspired when paging through them :)


Sue J said...

Think positive. You will sell enough beads and jewelry to be able to buy your kiln!!!

Profusion said...

Yes, that is what I hope for :) But I don't want to set myself up for dissapointment, so ... Basically I just want to know if I am making beads for myself, or I can make stuff that others find interesting too. Anything up from that is a bonus :)

Profusion said...
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angelinabeadalina said...

Those beads are gonna look great on the rubber cords...sounds like just the perfect balance of sizes to suit each other. Don't worry, keep on batch annealing, and like Sue said, you're gonna sell enough to be able to buy that kiln before you know it :)

Profusion said...

Aww, you are so nice, both of you :) It is my secret goal, but the kiln at my local seller is priced past US$2000, so ... Insane isn't it?
By the way - I might get some Bohemian Crystal rods tonight. They are so clear, so clear. It's a beautiful thing :)

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