Monday, June 30, 2008

Etsy come back!

For 4 days now I and many others have not been able to access the Etsy site at all. It is just not there. Apparently it is not a problem at Etsy's end and also not a problem at our service providers end, so ... it must me some bad magic going on.
I want my Etsy back!


Sue J said...

Your blue and white goddess bead is beautiful!
I could access your Etsy shop from your blog. Must be voodoo at work :-)))

Profusion said...

Thanks Sue :)
Yes I has gotten many views. I think the colours are a bit too bright and contrasting for my taste, though I really like how the white is opaque and the blue it transparent :)
I finally got my Etsy back. 5 days it took, and of course a box I had my eye on is gone now. I hope he has more of those ...

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